About Us.

The Company.

Jon-Jon Bakeries Ltd was established in 1992. Formerly known as Auntie Edna’s Bakeries Ltd, the company quickly established itself as one of Australasia’s most successful suppliers of speciality baking lines. In addition to marketing products under the company’s own Aunty Edna brand and plain packs, house brands were created for leading supermarket and chain outlets. In 1998 the company changed its name to Jon-Jon Bakeries Limited, and in the latter part of 2008, we moved from our original site, the former historic premises of T.J. Edmonds Ltd, to a custom-built bakery and processing complex in Curries Road, in the Christchurch suburb of Hillsborough.

“Quality without Compromise”

This is not only the company credo - it is the promise we make to our clients and customers. From raw materials, through the manufacturing process and distribution, quality is paramount to Jon-Jon Bakeries. Strict quality control systems and procedures are in place to ensure that all quality criteria are met through every stage, and the product as delivered, is guaranteed to be of the very finest quality.

The company has the New Zealand HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control point) system throughout the bakery, the
Australian WQA (Woolworths Quality Assurance), and BRC (British Retail Consortium) Food Safety Programmes (Coles). All systems are independently audited twice yearly. Our local and international freight and shipping partners all have food safety programmes operating to ensure products are delivered in the best possible condition.

Jon-Jon Bakeries